Learning about the Genocide in Rwanda

To honour the memory of those who died in the Genocide against Tutsi, and comfort those who survived, we must tell the truth about what happened. Truth is key to understanding the events of 1994. Understanding the genocide will help prevent another, similar atrocity – in Rwanda or elsewhere.

Kwibuka25 aims to help people learn how and why the 1994 genocide happened. By telling people about the causes and consequences of genocide, we can help prevent it happening again.

We hope to help the world understand its responsibility to protect innocent people at risk. We also hope to help build political will among world leaders to respond when genocide threatens.

You can find out more about the genocide in Rwanda through our historical timeline (coming soon). You can also read the stories of survivors, rescuers and perpetrators on our testimonies page. Learn Four Key Facts about the Genocide against the Tutsi, or more about the United Nations’ definition of genocide.