Commemoration event takes place at Nyarubuye

Nyarubuye, 8 April 2017

Today, hundreds of Nyarubuye residents joined by the youths from Kigali organised a commemoration at Nyarubuye Parish, in Kirehe District where the Chief Justice Prof Sam Rugege was the guest of honour.

The event started by a tour of a Nyarubuye Memorial where 35,000 hacked to death with extreme cruelty.

During the commemoration, genocide a survivor Theopista Mukanoheli who sought refuge at Nyarubuye Parish but later left because she saw that the place wasn’t safe, said that Nyarubuye many Tutsi gathered there before they were killed.
Mathieu Fashingabo who was deputy to Mayor Sylvestre Gacumbitsi but opposed the genocidal politics and saved hundreds of Tutsi by helping them cross Akagera river to Tanzania, explained in details the background of the genocide ideology before 1994 in former Rusumo commune current Kirehe District. He said that Tutsi were not allowed free movements and were monitored in their daily life.

The guest of honour Chief Justice Prof Sam Rugege invited the Nyarubuye residents to fight genocide ideology and build on the progress we have achieved

“Today, due to the good leadership, all Rwandans are equal before the law, we should take opportunity of this good leadership to build a better Rwanda we want where our grandchildren will live in dignity” he added.

Nyarubuye Genocide Memorial serves as the final resting place for over 35,000 victims of the 1994 Genocide against Tutsi who were killed there and other 13, 000 from surrounding areas. . By 12 April 1994, the number of Tutsis who had fled to Nyarubuye Church from surrounding areas had grown considerably and on 13 April 1994, a census was undertaken to count Tutsis who had fled at Nyarubuye Church.

They were estimated to be 35,000. As the census was underway, Tutsis believed that the aim was to determine how much support they needed. The census was actually meant to quantify the number of killers needed to perpetrate the killings. After the census, gendarmes & militia armed with guns, grenades, machetes and spears attacked Nyarubuye Church from various points. Led by gendarmes & Interahamwe militia, the killers cruelly exterminated all the Tutsis who had fled to Nyarubuye Church.

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